Mz* Baltazar’s Laboratory @ Permanent -- Tale of delusion

Mz* Baltazar’s Laboratory @ Permanent
Tale of delusion
12/09/2019 - 12/10/2019

Patrícia J. Reis, Lale Rodgarkia-Dara, Ana Loureiro, Taga Torosyan

Waking up between the requisites of innumerable names. Arbitrariness of visibility
paired with the hierarchisation of the fast-pace attention economy, automated
operative letters, content beyond embodied perception. The no longer and not yet to be.
Untold. In a short moment one is clipping a name, grasping for breath.
How come I have never heard of you?

In Tale of delusion – a site-specific installation created for PERMANENT – the
Mz* Baltazar's Laboratory collective claims an anti-narcissistic approach of
dehierarchising the codes of legitimacy in the perspective of feminist, female*,
and non-binary artists. It is doing so by means of a programmed bot that is
searching and displaying the names of those* artists found on-line. A female
professional singer is empowering its visibility though her loud voice. The data
bank is open to the audience to contribute.Tale of delusion is constructing a symbiosis
of the visible and the vulnerable, manifesting the recurrent ambiguity of human control.

Participated artists: Patrícia J. Reis, Lale Rodgarkia-Dara, Ana Loureiro, Taga Torosyan
with special participation of the artists Yonka Dragomanska Tsvetkova
und Sarah Howorka.

Mz* Baltazar's Laboratory is a collective working on the intersection of art,
science, technology, and feminism based in Vienna since 2009. Fluid in its
composition and background, the members of the collective diversify from art,
theory, activism, and hacking. The exhibition and events of Mz* Baltazar's
Laboratory are open to all audiences and are intended to support women* and
those who work on feminist issues, empowerment, and overturning patriarchy.

Opening hours:
14th September – 12h — 15h Guided tour during Curated by
19th September – 13h – 18h
28th September – 12h — 15h Letter soup brunch during Vienna Contemporary
3rd October – 15h – 18h
10th October – 15h – 18h
12th October – 18h-21h