Liddy Scheffknecht, NOW @22,48 m2, May 24 - july 13

Liddy Scheffknecht, Untitled (kerria japonica pleniflora), 2020, sunlight, earth rotation, plant, colored foil, paper, five-part photo series, each 27,5 x 19,5 inches

Liddy Scheffknecht, NOW @22,48 m2, May 24 - july 13

NOW | Solo Show


opening Sunday 26/05/2024, 2pm-7pm

in the presence of the artist


We live in a present and a society that seeks to shorten every activity. Speed dating is common, fast food is consumed, and a nap should be enough for recovery. Liddy Scheffknecht, within the exhibition NOW, deals with cyclical events that cannot be accelerated. The artistic materials and tools she uses are sunlight and the rotation of the Earth. Using a mask attached to a window, the sunlight is sculpted into a specific form. The resulting light spot is constantly moving within the space, briefly connecting to an object in the room at a given moment. The movement of the sunlight reflection and the moments of this journey are captured through photographs and videos. In other works, a light spot in the form of writing moves across paper and is captured in drawings, or manifests in the appearance of sculptures.


 22,48 m2 | 29, Rue de la commune de Paris