Lenora de Barros @ Bratislava City Gallery

Lenora de Barros, COISA EM SI (The Thing Itself), 1990/2020

Lenora de Barros @ Bratislava City Gallery

Lingua Franca
curated by Tiago Abreu Pinto

December 7, 2023 - March 24, 2024

The exhibition presents a dialogue using the common language of art between two seemingly different cultures, Slovak and Brazilian.

... Tiago de Abreu Pinto, curator: “I’ve got to confess that I have a tendency to perceive meaningful connections between unrelated things. It all began with a small sphere: a table tennis ball. I noticed the obsession of two people: the Slovak artist Július Koller and the Brazilian artist Lenora de Barros. I became interested in their obsession over table tennis. ”

Bratislava City Gallery, Bratislava