Reduction --


Mark Dion, Sea Life, 2012, exhibition view, Photo: Matthias Bildstein, Courtesy Georg Kargl Fine Arts, Vienna

08/03/2018 - 16/06/2018

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2017 is the year of reorientation.
2018 is the year of realisation.

The exhibition space as the site of investigation, information, discussion and the development of utopias shall once again become the centre of art dissemination.

Georg Kargl Fine Arts transforms into the Society for Projective Aesthetics.
This means deceleration, reduction, concentration and dialogue.

The programme of the Society for Projective Aesthetics sets the goal to bring deliberation on current themes to the fore in more open presentations and encouraging connections between them to occur without simply turning news reports into exhibitions. It is about facing political changes and highlighting sociopolitical and creative perspectives for positive change.

The idea of changing course is based on the observation of developments over the recent years. Art fairs have never been places of deepening discourse. There are too many exhibitions and events. It becomes a pure game of numbers. In the 20 years since Georg Kargl Fine Arts was founded in Schleifmühlgasse we haven‘t always done what we set out to do. We often had to move much too fast and overwhelming ourselves and others. We let ourselves be seduced by the art market carousel.

Many people are currently rethinking this system. Of course we still have to work in a way that is profitable. Exhibitions alone have not always carried the company financially, and alternative financing streams and revenues were always necessary.

We want to put the distribution of content before the distribution of works.

In times of digitalisation we want to bring back people emphatically to the original sites where art can be directly experienced by the spectator and forms a controversial disposition. Additionally we want to offer a connection point for those who have a real thirst for knowledge, the need for complexity and understand culture as necessary to society. The appeal targets all who recognise the model described above as an impetus to deep thought as well as action to face up sociopolitical challenges and to draft future models of working and living together.

Social reality and artistic stimulation will intertwine and find a relaxed and earnest base at the Society for Projective Aesthetics.