Katrina Daschner -- GLOWING ACTS

Katrina Daschner
16/10/2021 - 23/12/2021

Katrina Daschner’s universe of self-reflexive glamour - which outs her inner gaze in myriad ways - is tightly woven around sensual imaginaries, glowing interventions into rigid patriarchal frames and community oriented corporealities. Daschner is a generous storyteller who holds love and pleasure, violence and resilience, death and rebirth together in the same palm. Nourished from an intersectional practice in film, performance and sculpture, her confronting and inviting image politics dances forward a fluid horizon of multiple embodiments in chorus. The stages of those cut and paste stories are where bodies dream and enact different potentialities of what else they can be, as hybrid extensions of nature.

The works presented in ‘GLOWING ACTS' tie some of the threads together from her more than two decade queering practice, homed in Vienna, from Salon Lady Chutney to Club Burlesque Brutal. The paths she scripts always lead to an 'elsewhere'. All can be a dream; it vanishes, shape-shifts and reappears again.

Övül Durmusoglu