Wolfgang Plöger


delay #1, 2011
2 projectors (16mm), film in an infinite loop, aluminium framework
4'20 min, loop, dimensionen variable


Blaue Diagonale, 2008
125 x 40 x 12 cm


Grünes Rechteck, 2008
Photography framed
125 x 40 x 12 cm


Reiterstandbild, 2008
Super-8 film


Trussardi Jeans, 2001
Diaprojection, fan


untitled (One two flags), 2008
Slide projection, flag, fan


you can't stop the profit / you can't stop the prophet, 2007
3 super 8 projectors on cardboard pedestal, 3 animationfilms, 2 books with original drawings

Wolfgang Plöger

Wolfgang Plöger comes from a generation that grew up when an expanded notion of art and the associated softening of existing disciplinary borders and the saturation of everyday by the media was taken for granted. He reflects the developments and engagements of expanded cinema, its critical questioning of the relationship of a media image and physical space as well as it opening of instable spatial and temporal parameters especially today again possesses currency. When for example he positions technical devices visible in space and leads the filmstrip freely through its projection arrangement, he does not do so with the aim of placing himself in the context of structural film and conceptual art, which sought to expose the operation and mechanisms of film and video projection, but on the basis of a questioning of an everyday life defined by digitization that increasingly constitutes itself as a reality. Plöger’s installations move between sculpture, painting, and film, between standing and moving images, between real objects in physical space and fictive objects illusionistic space. They work on the phenomenological question of perception and study material, light, and shadows, as well as movement and motionlessness.

Wolfgang Plöger’s works have been on view at Künstlerhaus Bremen (2009), Kunst-Werken Berlin (2008), MUMOK Vienna (2008), Kunsthalle Malmö (2005), and P.S.1 MoMA, New York (2002).