Johanna Charlotte Trede -- Gaps and Spaces


Johanna Charlotte Trede, Gaps and Spaces, exhibition view, 2021


Johanna Charlotte Trede, Gaps and Spaces, exhibition view, 2021

Johanna Charlotte Trede
Gaps and Spaces
04/09/2021 - 09/10/2021

Opening days:
Saturday, September 4, 12.00 - 18.00
Sunday, September 5, 12.00 - 18.00

curated by Martin Guttmann


A Pack starts with Three

The view from the exhibition space: the freihausviertel, a zone of war heroes exempted from ordinary laws because of their braveryFor some the neighborhood stands for transcendance through dedication and service. Others dream of the bravery of those who flouted the law for the sake of a higher law - the bandits who joined forces after refusing to submit to cruelty and injustice. The bands that resulted weren't armies; the union of outlaws created rough formations, glued together by hope and rage. Such images are no longer associated only with old photographs from the dusty hills of Mexico or Sicily. The banding together of the weak to fight against all odds takes place once more almost everywhere - as much in the world of asphalt and cement as anywhere else.

A view from the street into the exhibition space: An assembly of pillow size pellets, made of untreated lumber connected to each other with sheets of black industrial adhesive - a bandolera for the freihausviertel.


Martin Guttmann (2021)